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  1. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Mansion Platform Bed with Low Profile Footboard

  2. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Mansion Platform Bed

    SKU: VBP559MPB
  3. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Louvered Platform Bed with Low Profile Floorboard

    SKU: VBP140LB
  4. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Three Drawer Night Stand

    SKU: VBP227NS
  5. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Door Chest

    SKU: VBP117DC
  6. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Five Drawer Chest

    SKU: VBP115CH
  7. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Dresser Mirror

    SKU: VBP447DM
  8. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Six Drawer Dresser

    SKU: VBP14DR
  9. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Mantel Bed

    SKU: 740BMB
  10. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Upholstered Bed

  11. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Arched Bed

    SKU: 74ARCBD
  12. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Two Drawer Nighstand

    SKU: 74-227
  13. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow One Drawer Nighstand

    SKU: 740-226
  14. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Five Drawer Chest

    SKU: 740-115
  15. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Master Arch Mirror

    SKU: 740-448
  16. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Landscape Mirror

    SKU: 740-445
  17. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Six Drawer Dresser

    SKU: 740-001
  18. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Nine Drawer Master Dresser

    SKU: 740-002

18 Items

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Based in Galax, Virginia, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company manufactures bedroom furniture. In 1919, two men, B.C. Vaughan and J.D. Bassett, Sr., both of whom were from Bassett, Virginia, first founded our company. Mr. Bassett, Sr., and his brother, C.C. Bassett, also founded what today is well known as Bassett Furniture Industries.

Employing about 700 people in factories based in Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina, we are extremely proud of the fact that 100 percent of our furniture is crafted here in the United States by American employees. In fact, Vaughan-Bassett is now the largest manufacturer of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the United States.

Most of the furniture we manufacture consists of wood solids and wood veneers grown and is harvested near our plants in the Southeast. Pine, oak, maple, cherry, ash, poplar, birch, and beech are the primary species used in Vaughan-Bassett's bedroom collections.

Our number one priority is providing our customers with unmatched service, quality, and value. In short, nothing makes us happier than to make it easy for our customers to feel at home.

Vaughan Bassett is a member of the American Home Furnishings Alliance, a trade organization dedicated to working with regulatory officials to develop and maintain effective product safety standards for residential furniture.

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