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  1. A-America Huron Distressed Gray Dining Room Server

    SKU: HURDG9010
    $1,065.98 $2,244.18 Your Saving:- 1178.20
  2. A-America Chesney Flacon Brown Dining Room Server

    SKU: CHSFB9010
    $943.04 $1,985.34 Your Saving:- 1042.30
  3. A-America Bremerton Warm Gray Dining Server

    SKU: BRMWG9020
    $927.15 $1,951.90 Your Saving:- 1024.75
  4. A-America Bennett 53 Inch Upholstered Dining Bench

    SKU: BENSQ295K
    $306.01 $644.23 Your Saving:- 338.22
  5. A-America Bennett 58 Inch Dining Server

    SKU: BENSQ9020
    $1,601.30 $3,371.17 Your Saving:- 1769.87

Items 91-120 of 178

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A-America®, Inc. a pioneer in the furniture industry, has been a leading provider of high-quality solid wood furniture for over 45 years. A family owned and operated business, A-America was founded by two brothers, Fred and John Rohrbach, both graduates from the University of Montana and smoke jumpers with the U.S Forest Service. They both served their country with honor during the Vietnam War with John in the U.S. Army and Fred in the 173rd Airborne brigade.

Headquartered in the Seattle area, A-America is one of the few manufacturers that produce quality solid Hickory, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Pine, Maple, Ash and Alder furniture. A-America’s products are focused in value priced solid wood dining tables, chairs and master suites.  Over the years, our company has extended the product offerings into formal dining, bedroom and collections.  A-America will always be known as the leader in the casual dining category and extensively detailed bedroom furniture. Our designs have evolved from the original nostalgic solid oak tables and chairs to fashion forward styles and finishes to meet many customer needs.

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