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  1. Universal Furniture Past Forward Credenza in Dove White

    SKU: U178679
    $2,352.75 $4,508.26 Your Saving:- 2155.51
  2. Kincaid Weatherford- Heather Hastings Buffet in gray-brown

    SKU: 76-075
    $1,493.09 $2,895.69 Your Saving:- 1402.60
  3. Kincaid Weatherford- Heather Edisto Sideboard in gray-brown

    SKU: 76-090
    $1,573.68 $3,051.99 Your Saving:- 1478.31
  4. Kincaid Weatherford- Cornsilk Hastings Buffet in white

    SKU: 75-075
    $1,486.48 $2,882.87 Your Saving:- 1396.39
  5. Kincaid Weatherford- Cornsilk Edisto Sideboard in white

    SKU: 75-090
    $1,574.78 $3,054.13 Your Saving:- 1479.35
  6. Riverside Furniture Hailey Server in Pebble

    SKU: 15256
    $1,133.43 $2,146.14 Your Saving:- 1012.71
  7. Riverside Furniture Anniston Server in Cashmere

    SKU: 47556
    $1,347.75 $2,551.96 Your Saving:- 1204.21
  8. Riverside Furniture Intrigue Server in Hazelwood

    SKU: 39356
    $1,075.73 $2,036.89 Your Saving:- 961.16
  9. Universal Furniture Getaway Sea Oat Getaway Buffet

    SKU: U033678
    $2,264.39 $4,830.69 Your Saving:- 2566.30
  10. Universal Furniture Getaway Natural Rattan O’Clock Bar Cart

    SKU: U033E890
    $892.11 $1,903.17 Your Saving:- 1011.06
  11. Universal Furniture Modern Siltstone Gray Server

    SKU: U042778
    $1,892.66 $4,037.66 Your Saving:- 2145.00
  12. Universal Furniture Modern Pumice/Glacier Porter Sideboard

    SKU: 964778
    $1,945.67 $4,150.75 Your Saving:- 2205.08
  13. Universal Furniture Modern Flint/Quartz Brinkley Credenza

    SKU: 643779
    $2,335.80 $4,983.04 Your Saving:- 2647.24
  14. Universal Furniture Modern Stainless Steel Draper Bar Cart

    SKU: 656D860
    $1,291.79 $2,755.81 Your Saving:- 1464.02
  15. Universal Furniture Escape Boardwalk Bar Cabinet

    SKU: 833A690
    $1,773.50 $3,783.46 Your Saving:- 2009.96
  16. Universal Furniture Modern Farmhouse Buttermilk Sadie Credenza

    SKU: U011964
    $1,824.78 $3,892.87 Your Saving:- 2068.09
  17. Universal Furniture Modern Farmhouse Weathered Gray Blair Credenza

    SKU: U011C679
    $1,909.99 $4,074.64 Your Saving:- 2164.65
  18. Universal Furniture Midtown Flannel Sideboard

    SKU: 805678
    $2,088.64 $4,455.76 Your Saving:- 2367.12
  19. Liberty Artisan Prairie buffet in gray

    SKU: 823-CB5538
    $926.17 $1,949.84 Your Saving:- 1023.67
  20. Liberty Armand buffet in brown

    SKU: 242-CB6440
    $1,064.41 $2,240.86 Your Saving:- 1176.45
  21. Liberty Allyson Park buffet in white

    SKU: 417-CB5444
    $1,007.14 $2,120.29 Your Saving:- 1113.15
  22. Liberty Abbey Road hall buffet in white

    SKU: 455W-HB7642
    $1,248.06 $2,627.50 Your Saving:- 1379.44
  23. Liberty Abbey Road buffet in white

    SKU: 455W-CB6638
    $1,186.85 $2,498.62 Your Saving:- 1311.77
  24. Liberty Abbey Park buffet in white

    SKU: 520-CB6640
    $1,176.97 $2,477.83 Your Saving:- 1300.86
  25. Bernhardt Campania Weathered Sand 76 Inch Server Buffet

    SKU: BF370-132
    $3,332.51 $6,880.02 Your Saving:- 3547.51
  26. Bernhardt Calista Silken Pearl Glass Finish Dining Server Buffet

    SKU: BF388-132
    $3,876.31 $8,002.71 Your Saving:- 4126.40
  27. Bernhardt Calista Silken Pearl Dining Server Buffet

    SKU: BF388-131
    $3,020.11 $6,235.06 Your Saving:- 3214.95

Items 1-30 of 122

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Complete Your Dining Room with a Server Buffet Table

Falling short of placing dinnerware in your dining room? Get a server buffet table. It also accentuates your space while adding more functionality and charm to the dining room. Explore our collection to find the best dining room furniture for you.

Match the Server Buffet Sideboard to Your Dining Table

Every home can have different aesthetics, styles, and themes and you can choose a matching server buffet sideboard. However, a white one matches numerous styles and designs. You can also go for server buffet two-tone furniture.

Add a Statement with a Mirrored Server

Take the style game one notch up and get your next server buffet furniture with a mirror front. It adds an eclectic touch and glam to the space. Plus, you can also showcase your favorite dinnerware to guests you invite for a dinner party.

Don’t Overlook the Storage Features

Whatever style, design, or color you choose, make sure you get the one that offers ample storage. Dining room buffet servers are available with shelves, drawers, racks, and many more storage options. Evaluate what you need to store and then find the server that fits your need.

Buy Servers from Reputed Furniture Store Online/Offline

At Bergen Furniture and Design store, we deal with US-made furniture that boasts quality and reliability. You can check and buy an online server from the site or visit the store for a hands-on experience. Plus, you can also get free delivery with new purchases.

Don’t Miss to Check Out the Sales Section

While you will get the best-valued furniture at our store, you can still explore extra discounts with a server buffet for sale. Besides this, you can also explore other products and categories here. For instance, you can find a quality dining bench with back with the best price tag.

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