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  1. Islander Sofa Chair in Dewey Dove

    $753.90 $1,256.50 Your Saving:- 502.60
  2. Bennington Sofa Chair in Dove Grey

    $827.40 $1,379.00 Your Saving:- 551.60
  3. California Modern White Swivel Glider Chair

    SKU: C094210BDSG
    $866.28 $1,389.75 Your Saving:- 523.47
  4. Kwirfy Modern White Swivel Chair

    SKU: C087710BDSC
    $733.79 $1,177.20 Your Saving:- 443.41
  5. Styla Modern Grey Swivel Chair

    SKU: C085710BDSC
    $764.36 $1,226.25 Your Saving:- 461.89
  6. Lozzby Modern White Swivel Glider Chair

    SKU: C003510BDSG
    $886.66 $1,422.45 Your Saving:- 535.79
  7. Dragger White Leather Swivel Chair

    SKU: L087710BDSC
    $1,352.33 $2,135.25 Your Saving:- 782.92
  8. Rela Blue Leather Swivel Chair

    SKU: L075710BDSC
    $1,331.52 $2,102.40 Your Saving:- 770.88
  9. Triska Dark Grey Leather Swivel Chair

    SKU: L068710BDSC
    $1,227.50 $1,938.15 Your Saving:- 710.65
  10. Jelly Brown Leather Swivel Chair

    SKU: L004610BDSC
    $1,591.58 $2,513.03 Your Saving:- 921.45
  11. Tage Performance Velvet Armchair

    SKU: MWEEI-3065
    $637.24 $1,246.00 Your Saving:- 608.76
  12. Jackson Ava 4498 Chair

    SKU: 4498-01-36
    $619.00 $945.00 Your Saving:- 326.00
  13. Jackson Freemont 4447 Chair

    SKU: 4447-01
    $619.00 $915.00 Your Saving:- 296.00

22 Items

Set Descending Direction

Get the Best Sofa Chair Bed for Extra Sleeper in a Small Space

When you fall short of sleeping spacefor guests and don’t have space to fit a sofa bed, a sofa chair set comes as a savior. Being compact in size, its multifunctionality makes it a great furniture piece for the home. Besides accommodating overnight guests, you can use it as an office chair cum lounge chair when working from home. Alternatively, a sofa chair also serves as a bed for kids during their unexpected sleepovers.

Apart from a sleep-cum-seating space, having the best convertible sofa chair also adds to the visual appeal. You can choose a matching one for your home’s interiors and leave your guests astonished with the beauty. Browse through our furniture store in New Jersey to find an ideal furnishing solution for your place. 

Bergen Furniture And Design – A Trusted Sofa Chair Store

While sofas and chairs are not the only products we deal in, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is consistent. Here, you will find the best products for your home or office, comprising quality materials and craftsmanship. 

Add a Bliss with Sofa Chair for Living Room

Living room, one of the most happening places in a home, deserves special treatment. And a sofa chair comes in as a perfect add-on to its beauty and functionality. All you need is to choose the one that fits the décor, size, and desired use. 

Get Your Child Excited with Sofa Chair for Kids

For children, home is a playground and furniture their equipment. Besides the playtime, you can add excitement to your little one’s room with a special sofa chair. Choose from a range of kid-friendly designs and styles to make yours feel special. 

Quick Tips for Sofa Chair Online Shopping

The basics of online shopping lie inplanning, evaluation, and awareness. For buying the best sofa chair, start by planning the desired layout and evaluate the right sofa chair size that fits in. Then, look for reputable furniture stores, compare products, and ensure you get the best delivery and installation options.

While not all stores are made equal, you must ensure that you will be getting what you see online. For this, you can check out the store reviews or ask friends for suggestions. Other options include checking their return and replacement policies and talking to the support helpline to find out how they respond to queries. 

Where to Buy Sofa Chair in New Jersey?

Bergen Furniture and Design brings the best furniture products for residents in New Jersey. Here, you will get numerous US-made options in designs, styles, and colors with free delivery also available. 

Don’t Miss the Best Sofa Chair Deals

What makes us the best place to buy sofa chairs is a customer-oriented approach with a dedicated sales section. Here, you can find sofa furniture on sale and other discounted products for different areas of the home like living room furniture, dining chairs, bedroom sets, and more.

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