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  1. Liberty Furniture Garrison Leather Accent Chair in Brown

    SKU: 710-ACH15-BR-L
    $643.20 $1,072.00 Your Saving:- 428.80
  2. Hooker Serenity Moorings Rocking Chair in Grays

    SKU: 6350-50002-95
    $695.20 $1,264.00 Your Saving:- 568.80
  3. Hooker Serenity Moorings Rocking Chair in Light Wood

    SKU: 6350-50002-80
    $695.20 $1,264.00 Your Saving:- 568.80
  4. Hooker Serenity Moorings Rocking Chair in Blues

    SKU: 6350-50002-46
    $695.20 $1,264.00 Your Saving:- 568.80
  5. Hooker Sanctuary Debutant Wing Chair in Silver

    SKU: 5875-52005-95
    $1,504.80 $2,736.00 Your Saving:- 1231.20

14 Items

Set Descending Direction

Add Life to Your Living Space with Stylish Sofa Living Room Chairs

From a loveseat sofa to a cozy recliner, getting the right chair can make your living room a blissful place. Bergen Furniture and Design Store brings a wonderful collection of sofa living room chairs for your home.

Find the Fabric that Suits Your Space

Sofa chairs are available in a variety of fabric options. You can choose from leather, upholstered, and slipcover chairs. All you need to do is choose the right look and comfort level for the right single sofa chair.

The Right Design Makes a Living Room Appealing

Look around and see what your interiors tell you. Is your room vintage, luxurious, or modern? For instance, a modern sofa chair is a great match to contemporary interiors.

Measure Your Room for the Best Fit

You might already know this. A large sofa chair won’t fit a small area and vice versa. So, you should know your room dimensions along with the style for best buy.

A Sofa Chair for Every Budget

Do you think an appealing interior décor needs you to burn a hole in your pocket? Well! You can find an affordable sofa chair or a luxurious one. In short, there’s always a solution for your budget.

Find the Best Sofa Chairs at Bergen Furniture and Design Store

We deal in a wide range of quality living room furniture for your home, featuring brilliant American craftsmanship. Besides this, you can also find furniture for other areas of your home. For instance, check out dinner sets near me for the best dining furniture.

Don’t Miss to Explore the Sales Section

Wondering if you can get some more discounts on your favorite furniture? Find the best sofa chairs for your home in our chairs for sale section to upgrade your living room in less.

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